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Crystal reports 11 export

Crystal Report XI -.csv export not working SCN

switch (eft)) case ared. I'll leave these for another post. To get the exporting to html to work took some panda things which are next to ridiculous, appSettings"TempDir string tempFileName pandemic String ". You have to set some format options. I wanted to add some functionality to my basic export biography routine. This functionality is present in the basic Crystal installation but how to use it is something which took me really a lot of Googling. But Crystal documentation is an absolute disaster. ExportFormatType.Excel : tempFileName "xls contentType "application/-excel break; case ML32 : case ML40 : tempFileName "htm contentType "text/html MLFormatOptions hop new MLFormatOptions MLBaseFolderName tempDir; MLFileName tempFileName; rmatOptions hop; break; ared. The only thing was adding export to Excel and to html. ExportFormatType.WordForWindows : tempFileName "doc contentType "application/msword break; case ared. But I got it working. ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat : tempFileName "pdf contentType "application/pdf break; case ared.

Crystal reports 11 export

The answers were not on the Crystal site but in the dungeons of the usenet. Let me share what I found. On of the things I learned is that you have to. Close a report after exporting. This was not in the official Crystal example. I havn't measured the effect but it doesn't harm. Exporting to Excel turned out to be just a matter of setting the right content type. In these options you set the root directory and the filename. This directory-filename pair should be identical to the export filename passed to the report. The result will be an html formatted report, but in a "slightly" different location. DiskFileDestinationOptions dfo new ared. DiskFileDestinationOptions dfo. DiskFileName tempDir tempFileName; stinationOptions dfo; selectedReport. ExportOptions.ExportDestinationType ared. ExportDestinationType.DiskFile; selectedReport. Export ose string tempFileNameUsed; if (eft ML32 eft ML40) string fp lePath. Split ".ToCharArray string leafDir fpfp. Length-1; / strip.rpt extension leafDir bstring(0, leafDir. Length 4 tempFileNameUsed rmat 012 tempDir, leafDir, tempFileName else tempFileNameUsed tempDir tempFileName; earContent earHeaders ntentType contentType; Response. WriteFile(tempFileNameUsed Response. Flush ose lete(tempFileNameUsed Which is pretty straightforward and even works. This type turned out to be application/-excel. I had expected application/msexcel, as a nice sibling to application/msword. Exporting to Excel has some extra format options but you can do without them for a basic export.

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Crystal reports 11 export
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