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American studies phd thesis

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karen Smith Framing cinta Quilts/Framing Culture: Women's Work and the Politics of Display. Cinda Nofziger Vacation Views: Tourist Photography in the American West,. Mark Warburton "For the Purposes of Example and Justice Native American Incarceration in the Upper Mississippi Valley,. And Bisexual Life in Washington, gay, d.C., sharon Romeo Freedwomen in Pursuit. Execution of Virginia Christian Matthew Pustz Fanboys and True Believers: Comic Book Reading Communities and the Creation of. Documentary Photography and Landscape in the Environmental Protection Agency, betsy Loyd Harvey Same Place Next Summer: Permanent chautauquas and the Performance of Middle-Class Identity Barb Shubinski DOCUMERICA cover s America: Environmentalism, steven Williams Smudging the Book: The Role of Cultural Authority in Tribal Historical Narratives and Revitalization at Rocky Boy. Sarah Eikleberry (Health and Sport Studies)) More than Milk and Cookies: A phrases Cultural Analysis of the College Playday. Derryn Moten A Gruesome Warning to Black Girls: The August 16, john Baskerville The Impact of Modern Black Nationalist Ideology and Cultural Revitalization on American Jazz Music of the 1960s and 1970s Brett Beemyn A Queer Capitol: Lesbian, 1912,

American studies phd thesis

Families in the 1990s Nancy Romalov Modern, Mobile, and Marginal: American Girls' Series Fiction. And India, Michael Burke Difficult Belonging: An Ethnographic Look at How the Church Excludes Franklin Hess Importing America: Television Programming and Audience Identity in Urban Greece. Eileen Roraback The Defense of Self: Autobiographical Responses of American Intellectuals to the McCarthy Era Jay Satterfield The Worlds Best Book: Taste Culture and the Modern Library Ningping Yu Manufactured Images: Four Chinese Travelers and Their Writing about. Patrick Oray 'Another Layer of Blackness Race, Class and Ethnicity in the U.S. Black Public Sphere. Nathan Titman The Drift of Desire: Masculinity and a Gay American Work Ethic. Eloisa Valenzuela-Mendoza "Tending to the Past The Historical Poetics of Joy Harjo and Natasha Trethew. Louis and Missouri in the Age of Emancipation Brian Hallstoos Windy City, Holy Land: Willa Saunders Jones and Black Sacred Music and Drama Nicole Kotrba (Health and Sport Studies) Constructing Privacy: The Negotiation of Disclosure Management on a Women's Basketball Team Rixa Freeze Born Free: Unassisted Childbirth in North America Sam Graber Twice-Divided Nation: The Civil War and National Memory in the Transatlantic World. Elisabeth Erickson (Health and Sport Studies) Outrunning Cancer: Marathons, Money Morality. Jonathan Hansen Take a Chill Pill: A Cultural History of Attention Defecit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Mark Mattes Material Letters: Media Histories of Epistolary Communication,. Taylor Veritable Hotbeds: Lesbian Scandals in the United States, Rob Urstein Aging, Activism, and Spirituality in an American Community Natalie Robertson A Cultural History of AfricaTown, USA, 1859-Present Jennifer Strayer No Place like Home: Domestic Models in Chicago's Public Places, Greg Conerly Policing the Boundaries: Defining African-American Lesbian/Gay Identity and Community Relationships Catherine Lewis From Temple to Forum: The Changing Face of the Chicago. Eric Johnson Crossover Narratives: Race, Genre, and Authenticity in 20th Century American Popular Music. Charlie Williams Eros in America: Freud and the Counter-Culture Sharon Lake The Accidental Feminist: Iowa's Breastfeeding Firefighter and the National Struggle for Workplace Equity.

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American studies phd thesis
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