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3m proxy statement 2011

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generally, this means that the director nominee with the most votes for a particular slot is elected for that slot. Proposals: The Board's Voting Recommendations: 1. "FOR" each nominee to the Board 2. Since they recommended the pay package to the full board. The election of directors. The ratification of the appointment report of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as 3M's independent registered public accounting firm. Votes withheld from one or more director nominees will h). Trillium Asset Management : Research Total CEO compensation exceeds 7 million dollars. Looking at t for provisions faith unfriendly to shareowners: Governance Issues at 3M. When I vote against the pay package I also vote against the compensation committee, total compensation to outside directors exceeds 100,000 dollars. 3M Board of Directors and Board Proposals. 3M's Board recommends that you vote your shares as indicated below.

3m proxy statement 2011

Participants in 3M's Voluntary Investment Plan and Employee Stock Ownership Plan or the 3M Savings Plan may direct the trustee how to vote the shares allocated to their account by following the voting instructions contained on the proxy card. 3M shares outperformed in comparison to the S P 500 over the most recent one, two, five, and ten year periods. The GMIA nalyst report I reviewed gave 3M an overall grade of C. As the beneficial owner, you have the right to direct your broker, trustee, or nominee on how to vote and are also invited to attend the meeting. However, since you are not the stockholder of record, you may not vote these shares in person at the meeting. Loading, please wait. Home Functionality index Fill Form: Fill PDF Document Online. Fill Form: Fill PDF Fill in PDF Forms Online Warning! OK. Loading please wait. Shareholder Proposals at 3M With regard to shareholder proposals, none appeared on the proxy. CorpGov Recommendations for 3M  Votes Against Board Position in Bold. NUM. PROPOSAL TEXT CorpGov DOMINI CALVERT SOCIAL INDEX CBIS. As of that date, there were 704,929,158 shares of common stock issued and outstanding. Most 3M stockholders hold their shares through a stockbroker, bank, trustee, or other nominee rather than directly in their own name. 1d Elect Director Vance D. Coffman Against For For For Against Calvert Social Index Fund : There is both gender and racial diversity on the board. Trillium Asset Management : Research A shareholder proposal received at least 20 shareholder support in the last year (shares outstanding).A shareholder proposal received at least 20 shareholder support in the last year (shares cast).There is both gender and. Your broker, trustee, or nominee is obligated to provide you with a voting instruction card for you to use. You may also vote on the Internet or by telephone, as described in the E-Proxy Notice and below under the heading "Voting Methods." If your shares are held in your account in the 3M Voluntary Investment Plan and Employee Stock Ownership Plan or the 3M.

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3m proxy statement 2011
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