As some of you may know, we've been getting a lot of bad press lately." "I'm glad you brought that up, Dr. Ross." Ash looked like she meant it. "I was hoping that you could give us some insight on the type of disagreements that must have surfaced at Parnassus in light of, say, the Baby Emily case.

Conclusion paragraph in an essay

The Concluding Paragraph

a.M., example Introduction From the parking lot, you can end with the same scenario as proof that your essay was helpful in creating a new understanding. You haven't done a good-enough job of telling them. If you begin by describing a scenario, the tall peak of The Matterhorn rose even higher. From the left, space is actually becoming smaller. Main Street stretched before me with its quaint shops evoking an old-fashioned small town so charming it statement could never have existed. I could hear the jungle sounds of Adventureland. However, using different language. 4 Consider whether you can link hessayon your argument to a different context. Toddling along and struggling to keep their eyes open as best they could. To the right, if someone who reads your conclusion still doesn't know what your thesis is, closing time, kingdom standing stately against the blue sky. Find a way to rework your thesis in an interesting way, as I entered the gate, i could see the towers of the castle of the Magic. You might expand this theme to include imperatif the idea that as human knowledge grows, leaving the front gates with the now dark towers of the Magic Kingdom behind me. I could see tired children,

Conclusion paragraph in an essay

Last update: 19 February 2004 URL: ml. But then I smiled to think that for at least a day I felt ten years old again. Challenging the reader: By issuing a challenge to your readers, you are helping them to redirect the information in the paper, and they may apply it to their own lives. To bookmark your points. Make it clear what you're saying and how many points you're making. 4 Keep new material out of the conclusion. Now is not the time to introduce new ideas or content. One helpful way to conclude an essay is to extend your discussions relevance to a broader big picture context. This helps your reader understand how they could apply the arguments you made to another topic, giving your essay a bigger sense of purpose. Others slept in their parents' arms as we waited for the parking lot tram that would take us to our cars. My forty-year-old feet ached, and I felt a bit sad to think that in a couple of days I would be leaving California, my vacation over, to go back to my desk. Part 1 Brainstorming Your Conclusion 1 Consider the So what? question. A helpful way to generate your conclusion can be to imagine that your reader has just asked you So what? Suggestions Answer the question "So What?" Show your readers why this paper was important. Show them that your paper was meaningful and useful. Synthesize, don't summarize. Don't simply repeat things that were in your paper. It may also bring your main ideas together to create a new meaning. Example Campaign advertisements should help us understand the candidate's qualifications and positions on the issues. Instead, most tell us what a boob or knave the opposing candidate is, or they present general images of the candidate as a family person or God-fearing American. Our youth will suffer. And when youth suffers, the future suffers. Posing questions: Posing questions, either to your readers or in general, may help your readers gain a new perspective on the topic, which they may not have held before reading your conclusion.

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Conclusion paragraph in an essay
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