If you dont clearly mark your counter argument as being a rebuttal of your thesis, your audience may mistakenly believe its your own view. Make sure you introduce your counter argument using phrases like It is argued that or It may seem as if.

Ftc food advertising enforcement policy statement

FTC Issues Enforcement Policy Statement and Guidance on

aBC Mouthwash kills the germs that plagiarism cause colds contains an implied claim that the product will prevent colds. It would be reasonable for a consumer to conclude from the statement kills the germs that cause colds that the product will prevent colds. And harm consumers. Although the ad doesnt literally say that the product prevents colds, the Federal Trade Commission recently has moved away from reasonableness-based, render advertising less effective, the Supreme Court of product the United States recognized almost 40 years ago that the free flow of commercial speech is indispensable to intelligent and well informed consumer decisions in the marketplace. Case-by-case garrison advertising substantiation and has begun to impose extremely costly demands on makers of substantive advertising claims that could reduce the flow of useful commercial information,

Ftc food advertising enforcement policy statement

4 Shortly thereafter, the Court held that government could restrict commercial speech (if it is not misleading and does not concern illegal activity) no more than is necessary for the direct advancement of a legitimate governmental interest. Many BBBs have procedures for resolving disputes between businesses. Contact the radio station, television station, or publication where the ad ran. Let them know that theyre running an ad you think may be deceptive. Rather than focusing on certain words, the FTC looks at the ad in context words, phrases, and pictures to determine what it conveys to consumers. Looking at both express and implied claims. The FTC should reform its advertising substantiation policy and allow businesses greater flexibility to tailor their advertising practices, an action that would further the interests of both consumers and businesses. It should also decline to seek disgorgement of allegedly ill-gotten gains in cases involving advertising substantiation. In addition, some states have laws governing environmental claims. Check with the Attorney Generals office of the state(s) where you plan to advertise. What kind of health claims can be made in food ads? ABC Gasoline decreases engine wear. ABC Hairspray is safe for the ozone. Ads that make subjective claims or claims that consumers can judge for themselves (for example, ABC Cola tastes great) receive less attention from the FTC. 7. In its 1983 Policy Statement on Deception, which remains officially in force, the commission defines deception as involving a representation, omission or practice that is likely to mislead the consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances, to the consumers detriment. Moreover, because there is no First Amendment right to engage in commercial deception, 10 FTC enforcement against hard-core fraud raises no constitutional issues. But what about advertisements not involving hard-core fraud that claim that the products being touted yield specific benefits, such as lowering the risk of cancer? Under the law, advertisers must have proof to back up express and implied claims that consumers take from an ad. Examining what the ad does not say that is, if the failure to include information leaves consumers with a misimpression about the product.

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Ftc food advertising enforcement policy statement
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